Our Story

Hi! Wondering who is behind Caramel and Co? Here is a little about us and what we are trying to achieve for all the fabulous women out there!

We love looking and feeling good but our busy lives (and budget!) make this a little difficult to do. We wanted to create something to help women live gorgeously, no matter what might happen in their day.

We also wanted to find a way of shouting to the world that we need to dream big and believe in ourselves, because anything is possible if you do.  Every one of us has had hard things happen in our lives. Something small can throw out your whole day and something big can throw out years. You never know what is ahead of you. So this is us, taking every opportunity to dream big and believe in ourselves to create and share with you all the gorgeous things out there! 

We hope you enjoy browsing our store and finding something that makes you feel gorgeous. 

Love Susan and Louise x