The Royal Handbag - what the Queen carries in her handbag may be a surprise to everyone.

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II has one thing in common with women all over the world - she always carries a handbag. Going about her official business in the many kingdoms she rules, it seems Lizzie loves a good handbag !

Her constant companion, always discretely by her side; the Queen’s handbag has stood the test of time and lets face it many decades of changing fashion. Living her life constantly in the public eye, the Queen’s hand bag is both understated and elegant. With her fashion choices often under scrutiny, the contents of her handbag has also been the subject of much speculation during her time as a monarch.

Unlike the rest of us commoners, the Queen presumably doesn’t need to carry car or house/palace keys, a drivers license for ID or even a passport when travelling. So let’s take a closer look at this mysterious but constant companion - the Royal Handbag.

Classic in style, the Queen found a bag that worked for her and has stuck with that style throughout the years. It is believed she has around 300 of the same handbag just in varying colours. The straps are designed at a length that ensures Her Majesty is able to easily shake hands with dignitaries and members of the public.

A creature of habit, it is widely believed that the Queen always carries the same things in her handbag. What are those must have items ? What does the longest serving monarch need to carry with her at all times ? No need to loose anymore sleep, we have you covered should you ever need to pack a handbag like a Queen !

Known for her practicality, it is not surprising the Queen carries her reading glasses at all times in her handbag. In addition, her handbag contains other practical must-haves including a handkerchief, mints and a fountain pen. Curiously she also carries a small hook so that her handbag can be hung under the table when she is seated, great idea Lizzie !

Proving the Queen is just like the rest of us women the world over, she also carries a lipstick and small mirror in her handbag. Every Sunday, one item is added to her handbag and that is a small amount of money for the collection plate at church.

 It is said that her handbag is one of her most valuable possessions and that she would be lost without it. Interestingly the Queen uses her handbag to send messages to her staff, the placement of her bag indicates discreetly to her staff when she is ready to leave, or needs to be moved on from a conversation.

 Surely one of the most photographed handbags in the world, the Queens handbag has been a constant throughout her life and indeed throughout history. Who could forget the beautiful picture of the Queen with her younger grandchildren and great-grandchildren, with her granddaughter holding the Queens handbag and clearly loving it.


What essentials do you carry in your handbag ? Are you a fan of one particular style of handbag like the Queen, or do you have different designs for different occasions ?